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Are you a Carer?

Being a carer is a very important role and we need to know if you fulfil this role for someone.

Being a Carer is a huge commitment and responsibility. Many people do not realize they are Carers. Someone caring for a spouse perhaps after 50 years of marriage, is likely to regard their situation as part of marital duty and people looking after elderly parents often do so out of love and committment without any serious thought as to the impact on their own lives.

Registering as a Carer at the practice can help as staff and clinicians will understand the extra needs Carers have and can point Carers in the right direction for appropriate support. Carers should be aware that unless the person cared for gives their permission, being a Carer does not mean you can automatically share in medical information, results etc. So when registering as a Carer we ask whether this permission can be given.

To register as a Carer – collect a form from reception

The Richmond Carers Centre is also available to give help or support. They are a charity supporting unpaid Carers who are caring for somebody in the borough. Their team of Carer support workers can offer free confidential information and advice over the phone, by email or in person at the Centre. They can also be a source of listening support if you just feel the need to talk to someone.

Richmond Carers Centre
5 Briar Road
TW2 6RB 
Telephone: 020 8867 2380 
Email: [email protected] 

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